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Education is a potent weapon which can transform a society completely. Hence this school visualizes eradication of poverty, cast based feelings, regionalism etc. Through education, strong feelings of Nationalism, feeling of oneness among all strata of society, mutual respect for all religions, customs can be achieved. At R.C.D., we are committed to provide a positive, safe & simulating environment for children to learn where all are valued. We intend that all children should enjoy their learning, achieve their potential & become independent lifelong learner. This school inculcates scientific attitude in students.


School intends to make students ambitious in such a way that they may become world class scientists, engineers, C.A., space scientists, atomic scientists etc. who will empower our great Nation India in space, medical & atomic field etc. School provides a stimulating, purposeful, cheerful, safe & secure environment enabling all students to develop academically, socially & emotionally. Students should realize their striving for excellence in all areas of life & making an equal, liberal & harmonized society.